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Ryan Ridden Jan 16,二千零一十七

安德鲁和我在难以置信的斗兽场前。It's been a while since my last blog post,but in my absence I haven't been wasting time.Last year after completing a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematical Physics at the University of Canterbury,I took some time off to travel,before starting my next academic adventure.For a … Read More


Ryan Ridden Feb 05,2016

The universe is immense. All too often we are reminded of how large the Universe is;it is 150 million km or 8 light minutes to the Sun,30,000 light years to the galactic centre,距仙女座星系(距离银河系最近的星系)250万光年,距460亿光年,即4.2×10平方公里(42后为…… Read More

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Ryan Ridden Jan 13,2016

In our universe the incredibly tiny and the absolutely enormous are intertwined.在我们的日常生活中,微观世界和宏观世界似乎有着明显的区别,however,在许多方面,这是一种错觉。We can begin to see how the two worlds connect by looking at the fundamental rules of the universe,正如物理学所揭示的… Read More